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Skyline Tension Monitor



I sell Skyline Tension Monitoring Systems for cable machines. 


How does the Skyline Tension Monitor System help keep your crew safe?


By giving your operator or crew a read out of skyline tension they can make better decisions as to how much load to put on the skyline without overloading it. This benefits in at least two ways;


1.) It helps to load the system to a safe maximum each turn thus making the system more efficient.


2.) It helps to avoid overloading the skyline, hence prolonging the life of the skyline and avoiding catastrophic failures of the skyline and damage to the carriage and possibly injuries to the crew.


The system consists of a replacement pin for the skyline sheave, a protected signal cable which runs from the pin to the x-y interface box (grey box in picture), an indicator box which is mounted in the cab of the machine. The read out is constantly updated and normally reads in 1000's of pounds but can be set to read in whatever units you prefer. There are two user set alarms, the first is an amber light and the second is a red light and an audible alarm.


We replace the pin that the skyline sheave rides on with one that has one or two load sensing systems built into it. For a machine where the skyline/mainline/etc angle doesn't change, we use a single load cell pin. For a machine where the angle of the cable over the pin changes as the load is coming in, we make a pin that has two load sensing systems. These are set to sense the load on the pin at 90 degrees to each other. Then by doing a little trigonometry we can calculate what is the tension in the cable.


Contact Brian for addititional information, pricing and to place an order.



Tsy 255 Skyline Tension Monitor System Video


Brian Tuor

   Cable Logging Specialist

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